headshot.pngI’m currently a fellow at Insight Data Science, where I’m working on building a smarter podcast recommendation engine. To see some of my other data science projects, check out my blog.

Before that, I trained as a cognitive neuroscientist and worked toward understanding how the human brain’s navigation system works. In my graduate work with Russell Epstein at the University of Pennsylvania, I used pattern classification techniques on fMRI data to understand how the brain represents features of familiar places, like where you are, what direction you’re facing, and what building you’re looking at. In my postdoctoral work with Arne Ekstrom at UC Davis, I studied a particular neural signal called the “theta oscillation” that is present in the brain during navigation. I recorded intracranial EEG from epilepsy patients while they played a video game and used a linear support vector machine to demonstrate that the pattern of oscillatory activity could be used to predict the distance they teleported in the game.

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